In this roundup of the best computer security software for multiple devices, McAfee's All Access emerges among the top few because it supports quite a few different devices with desirable features and good help and support.

Multi-Device Protection
McAfee's All Access computer protection covers Windows and Macintosh. It also protects Android tablets and smartphones, including Kindle Fire devices. Unlike so many of its competitors, McAfee has not given up on BlackBerry just yet, so All Access continues to include BlackBerry support. McAfee's All Access support for iPhones and iPads, however, is limited to a password manager. One All Access license allows you to protect an unlimited number of supported devices. Compare unlimited to what most of McAfee's competitors do, which is to protect one, two, three or five devices with one license.

This computer protection software provides Windows PCs and Macs with a proprietary firewall and protects them against malware, spam, spyware and phishing. All Access also allows you to store your passwords and control your children's online behavior.

McAfee's protection for Android includes antimalware, antispyware and antitheft. For Android smartphones, McAfee also filters calls and instant messages.

One of the benefits of installing McAfee's web protection software for multiple devices is that you can manage the devices from a cloud-based console. In other words, you can add new devices and change security-level settings from a single webpage. Because All Access also provides you with parental controls and antitheft features, you also have access to these features from your online account.

The McAfee All Access license includes 2GB of online backup storage, which is one way that McAfee's computer security software keeps your data safe.

Help & Support
McAfee lays on tremendous help and support. There is a McAfee Virtual Technician that diagnoses and corrects quite a few different sorts of security breaches. You can get free help from a representative via email, telephone or live chat.

McAfee All Access Summary:

McAfee's All Access is among the best internet security bundle bargains if you need to secure an unlimited number of PCs, Macs, Androids and BlackBerrys. We recommend it because it supports so many different devices, has a rich feature set, and includes excellent help and support.


McAfee All Access 2014

McAfee All Access ambitiously protects many types of devices: PCs, Macs, Androids, iPhones, iPads and BlackBerry.

Protection against Windows malware, although adequate, is not among the very best.

The Verdict:

McAfee is a contender among multi-device security software products because it protects so many different kinds of devices with no limit on the number that you can protect with All Access.